5 Best New Bags of the Last Decade


- written by LIF Team

During the last decade our favourite designers have brought us some bold new handbag designs. Below is our pick of 5 of the best:



While only first introduced in 2007 the Louis Vuitton Neverfull (image left) feels like a classic that has been around much longer. With no bells and whistles, the Neverfull is a simply designed tote with long comfortable carry handles.

It is the perfect everyday or weekend bag and the Neverfull’s low cost (in relative Louis Vuitton terms!) has made this bag immensely popular. The Neverfull comes in a huge array of designs from the classic monogram canvas to bright hued epi leather versions and also 3 alternative sizes.


With Chanel known for their feminine designs, the introduction of the Boy Bag (featured image above) in 2011 was quite a style deviation. The Boy bag bears some resemblance to size and nature of the Chanel 2.55 bag but with an ultra masculine take – hence the name the ‘Boy’ bag.

The Boy bag has a distinctively boxy look to the body with a grungy looking chain and leather strap. It was a risk for Chanel to put out a bag that was in many ways very un-Chanel but it has paid off in spades, with the Boy bag becoming immensely popular with younger Chanel buyers in their 20s and 30s.



The Givenchy Antigona (image right) has an unmistakeable and gorgeous structured silhouette. Launched in 2010, the Antigona is one of the most popular designer bags currently on the market and it also has a huge celeb following, including that the Kardashians seem to own about 20 different versions!

Never to get boring, the Antigona is put out in a large array of seasonal colours from the classic neutral tones to black with fluro yellow trim. The Antigona comes in 4 different sizes, with the Mini Antigona just about the cutest bag that you will ever see


We all love a bag this is functional, and that is where the appeal lies with the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote. The Saffiano leather to the exterior of this Tote is known to be extremely durable against wear. Coupled with an ultra spacious interior, you can see why this Tote has become a popular everyday bag.

This Tote features the clean lines and simple elegance we have come to know from Prada, and it is also quite affordably priced – so far as designer handbags go. What’s not to love?!



Talk about a handbag making a statement! The Celine Luggage Tote made a big entrance to the world in 2010.

The Luggage Tote features the now-iconic flared side wings together with its distinctive piping and visible exterior stitching. The features of the Luggage Tote are one of the most imitated around the world, with all of the high street brands getting onto the side wings bandwagon at one point or another.

The Luggage Tote comes in a fantastic array of colours from neutrals to electric shades in bi-colour to tri-colour and also has an interesting array of materials, from calf leather to textile to croc-embossed.

The Luggage Tote is one of the boldest handbags that Celine has ever produced but undeniably it has become the most popular.