3 Top Care Tips for your Chanel Classic Flap Bag


So you’ve made the investment in a gorgeous Chanel Classic Flap bag and you are in love. So how do you ensure that your love endures and that your lovely Chanel bag is preserved in all its glory?

We’ve set out our top 3 tips for maintaining your bag to ensure it remains in the best possible condition for many years to come.


Most importantly to ensuring your Chanel bag is stored safely and sound, your bag should always be stored in the safe protection of its dust bag when not being used. If you no longer have the original dust bag then that’s no problem - simply wrap up your bag in a smooth uncoloured and clean cotton pillowcase or sheet instead.

It is also ideal to place a small amount of stuffing inside the Classic Flap bag itself to help preserve its shape and prevent against sagging. Although ensure to not put too much stuffing inside, as overstuffing your Chanel bag over time can over time cause unnecessary stretching and structure loss to the silhouette.

How should you sit the bag when in storage? It is best to store your Chanel upright on its base, rather than laying flat on its back to help the bag best maintain its original silhouette.

If you are someone that only uses your Chanel for special occasions and therefore your bag is stored for long-ish periods at a time, it is also best to pull out your bag regularly from time to time and reposition it. If a bag has been stored poorly and left that way for months on end, it is at risk of developing long term creases or sagging.


A query we are often asked is whether or not you should use a leather protection spray or conditioner on your Chanel bag as a preventative care measure in order to protect your bag. This is particularly relevant to Chanel Classic Flap bags, given that many of these bags are crafted from supple lambskin.

There are differing views on this, and some believe that these treatments assist the durability of the bag whereas others consider that it is risky to put these products on fine leathers.

Our view? We recommend that your classic flap bag be preserved as Chanel made it – which is in its original condition and without the use of foreign treatments which could potentially cause an undesired reaction in the leather.

Lambskin in particular is extremely supple and you can never be completely certain how it will react to these types of treatments.

And let’s face it – who wants to take that gamble with a bag you just paid thousands of dollars for?!


Caught in an unexpected rain shower? The great thing about the classic flap bags is that they are small and therefore can often be tucked under your clothes while you do a mad dash for shelter out of the rain. But if you get a few droplets of water on your bag, then be sure to take action straight away by using a dry uncoloured cloth to very lightly dab the affected area to reduce the amount of moisture being absorbed in the leather.

Be careful to dab only, and don’t rub the area, and then let the area dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer or any other heating/cooling method to try to dry the area more quickly as this could damage the leather.

If your classic flap bag is black and not too much moisture has gotten onto the leather, then the good news is that you’ve got a pretty good chance of the droplets drying without leaving a mark if you have been able to dab it quickly.

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