To our loyal Luxe.It.Fwd sellers...

You are invited to join our referral program! Earn fantastic commissions direct to your bank account by referring new sellers who sell their pre-owned luxury bags with Luxe.It.Fwd (*bags must be $750 or more in value to qualify*). Our referral program is by invitation only to our Luxe.It.Fwd selling family and will run for 3 months only, commencing 1 May 2020.



Earning referral bonuses is as easy as 1, 2, 3!




Register as a referrer online here. We will then track referrals with your name on them. Registration is simple, instant and only takes 1 minute!



Let your friends, family, and network know about our fantastic selling service. We offer excellent rates and free shipment – including Australia Post or TNT pickup from their house. They can see full details and get a free online quote here!


Get Paid!

When you refer a new seller who sells with us for the first time, you earn 5% of the item price once they get paid (*bag must be more than $750 to qualify*). Eg. for referring the sale of a Gucci bag selling for $2,000, you receive $100.



How much do I get paid?

When you refer a new seller who sells or consigns their handbag to Luxe.It.Fwd for the first time, you earn 5% of the selling price of the bag once they get paid (*bag must be more than $750 to qualify*). If the new seller sells multiple items or you refer multiple new sellers, you’ll earn 5% of the selling price of each of those multiple items sold. Eg. for referring a new seller who direct sells 4 bags together totalling $6,000, you earn $300 to your bank account for referring them.

Our referral program is open for three months and you can refer as many new sellers as you like within that period!

When do I get paid? How do you pay me?

When your referred new seller gets paid by us, that is when your commission is earned! The new seller may choose to direct sell in which case they get paid as soon as the bag is authenticated, or they may choose to consign in which case they receive payment once the bag sells. Your commissions earned during each month are totalled together and paid to you monthly on the first business day of the next month, by way of transfer to your nominated bank account.

How do you know which people I’ve referred to Luxe.It.Fwd?

When a new seller you’ve referred completes our online quote form here, they are asked who referred them and they must specify your name on that form. Importantly, you must also register online beforehand as a referrer in order to earn commissions. Register as a referrer here – it is simple, instant and only takes 1 minute.

What are the benefits for my friends in selling their handbag to Luxe.It.Fwd?

We offer excellent selling rates – and also free shipping via Australia Post or TNT Couriers pickup from their house – plus we do all of the hard work! We’ll clean, professionally photograph and list your bag on our site and handle the entire process from start to finish. Visit our Sell page for more details and to get a free online quote.

Can I refer myself? What about previous referrals?

No, a referrer can only refer another person and cannot refer themselves. Our referral program does not apply to referrals made prior to the date this referral program commences.

Any other queries?

See the full terms and conditions of our referral program here. For any other queries, please email us at

Our online store is open and all services are currently operating as usual. See updates here.

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